Monday, August 25, 2008


There certin songs i feel that can melt the paint of walls as well as get the crowd dancing,and this one i feel does just that!!!!!
The Litter was a psychedelic and garage rock band formed in 1966 in Minneapolis. Today they are best remembered for their 1967 debut single "Action Woman.inspired by the harder  British Invasion bands, such as The Who, The Troggs , The Yardbirds and The Pretty Things,the Minneapolis band’ The Litter were probably best known for their debut 1666 single “Action Woman.” Written by the band’s producer, Warren Kendrick, “Action Woman” borrowed heavily from elements of sixties psychedelia and British garage rock aesthetics and punctuated the band’s strong points, most notably the searing lead guitar of Bill Strandloff, who left the band shortly after the single was recorded. After the moderate success of their debut album, Distortions, The Litter started to garner more major label attention, and famously turned down two rather large record deals with Columbia and Elektra, respectively, opting instead to stay on independent labels and pursue a harder psychedelic rock sound (they would later sign to a major to record Emerge in 1969 before breaking up 3 years later). 
Here is there hit song!!!!! ACTION WOMEN! ENJOY!

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