Tuesday, January 31, 2012

King Stitt- Van Cleef THE UGLY ONE1 REST IN PEACE!

I am sad to report that Winston Sparkes, aka King Stitt, passed away today in his home at 1:10 PM (EST) in Kingston. He will be dearly missed, yet his spirit and contribution to the early years of Jamaican music will live on forever.  

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In 1970, 7-Eleven released a 45 titled "Dance the Slurp" that was given away with Slurpee purchases. The B-side was a comedy bit detailing "strange things" that happen to people who "slurp" at 7-Eleven. The record is considered highly collectible today. In 1999, "Dance the Slurp" was sampled by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist for their Brainfreeze mix album.