Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tired of summer yet? Not us, we're gonna enjoy it while it lasts. But rain or shine, heat or snow, it always gets hot on the dancefloor of the SOULPOWER dance party at Balliceaux. This month will be no exception, when our guest DJ Lord Thomas will throw down his favorite 60s Soul shakers, suppoted by resident DJs Mr. Felty and DJ Pari. Noble Soul royalty from Norfolk, the Lord is one of the few true Mods in Virginia and host of his own Soul nights in the Five-Cities as well as "Pressure Drop" at Cous Cous. To make this month's party even more sweet, we'll play super rare video footage of obscure 1960s Soul artists on our video beamer. Bring your dance kicks and get your groove on dancing to top notch vintage vinyl from top notch DJs - and as always, it's FREE!


Andrew Felty said...

I’m looking forward to hanging out with you and playing some 45’s real loud. Let’s have fun with it!

Yours truly,
Mr. Felty


likewise buddy row!

Honeyhiring said...
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