Wednesday, October 29, 2008

THE THROB!!!!!!!!!

I WAS LISTENING TO MY IPOD TODAY AND THIS GREAT SONG CAME ON AND SAID WHO IS THAT? WELL THAT BAND IS A BAND NAMED THE THROB FROM AUSTRALIA A GREAT NAME!!!!!!!! The Throb are mostly famous for their better-than-the-Stones cover version of Fortune Teller, but to my ears the band’s finest recorded moment came six months later, when they transformed the bittersweet traditional folk song Black into a violent feedback-laden Gothic masterpiece.  UnfortunatelyBlack was not a substantial hit and the band soon disintegrated.  Nonetheless, the Throb still had one of the best band names ever, and even better... they looked exactly liked they sounded!

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Cooper said...

hey dude, can you please upload the other side of this record?