Sunday, November 2, 2008

NoRfOlK VA's OwN ThE m80's

One of my favorite bands growing up here in the 7 cities was the M80'S!!!!!!!! What a great band u would have never thought these guy's would have come out of Norfolk VA!!!!!! ThesE guys had a real depth and understanding of good rock n roll!!!!!! Those old Kings Head shows!!!!!!! GOOD TIMES!
From the Swamps of Virginia, the M-80s were born in an era of terrible hair bands and the dawn of the Seattle grunge scene. Nevertheless, the band remained true to their call, playing some of the best garage punk music ever recorded. Raw power and emotion echoed in every chord struck and every verse sung. Killer shows of intense forces culminating in a true sound of rock n roll in its purest form. Rock n roll that made you shake your ass and move your feet, and continue the party into the next afternoon. A band that rehearsed constantly to perform their magic in venues such as the Kings head Inn and Friar Tucks. The M-80s remain an outstanding moment in musical excellence and execution. 

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