Friday, February 25, 2011


Even though it was released on Bell, a New York label, this is a Los Angeles recording which Anthony Renfro, who was the founder of the Renfro label there, recorded and subsequently leased to Bell records to get more exposure (it did eventually gain a release on Renfro records as well but not until several years later). The membership of The Attractions is somewhat unclear because it was really a one-man show, focusing on lead singer Morris Chestnut. Other members were used on the recordings but often only to provide backing for Chestnut and enhance his performance. This is the groups first (of five) 45, released in 1967 and it is already clear that it is Chestnut´s rather unique vocals that seperates the group from the countless others that were trying to break through in the RnB market of the mid-60s. After Chestnut had fallen out with Renfro producer / songwriter Ronald Saunders the group disbanded and Chestnut went on to record with other groups as well as a solo artist, including the northern biggies "Lonely Lonely" with The Soundmasters and, of course, the pivotal "Too Darn Soulful" as a solo artist. Enjoy! (SOULTREATS)

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