Sunday, December 6, 2009


The "In" Crowd is the song which first brought international recognition to Dobie Gray. Written by Billy Page, it extolled the cool sassiness and hipness of being "In" in the mid-sixties. The record was in the charts amid the top 10s and 20s for three months. The Ramsey Lewis Trio’s hit version of it came two years later.
   Gene Page, brother of Billy, was the arranger who gave "The 'In' Crowd" its big, Motown-like sound. In fact, the general perception at the time was that it was a Motown record. This, in part, was due to Gene’s highly identifiable arrangements and his choice of instrumentation - which in those days was being heard on a number of Motown’s hit records. 

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Sara said...

I'm just now catching up on blog posts, but I had to comment on this one 'cause I love this song!!! Sorry again I had to be out of town on your night here in Richmond. Hope you guys can do it again soon!