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The Grooms "I Deserve A Little Bit More"

In the 1960's when Atlantic, Staxs, and Motown records were at there peak. In Norfolk Va. there was SHIPTOWN records headed by the original "Mr. Biggs" Noah H. Biggs. Mr. Biggs developed his company by giving young kids [artists] with a strong desire to sing and perform achance. Most believe that if Mr.Biggs would have had a stronger desire to make money rather than helping to develop the young artist talent,maybe Shiptown would have been the Atlantic or the Motown of the 60'sand 70's.

The Shiptown talent pool could rival any other labels talent pool in that era. Mr. Biggs produced hundreds of records. His talent consists of the bands The House Rockers, the Positive Sounds band [Amos Hunteron drums, James Carver on sax guitar player lil-Mike stood out on many of Shiptown's recording sessions. The Positive Sounds [I almost blew mymind] is a collector's item to this day. Then there was The Anglos featuring Joe Webster aka "little daddy", Big Rob, Eugene, and Baby,there hit "Small town boy" is also a collectors item till this day! TheDream Team, The Idets, Wilson Williams, Art Ensley, Flip Flop Stevens["Come on let's do that thing" another collectors item] The Grooms,Shirley Johnson, The Fabulous Pop-Tops, The Showmen [featuring Norman"General" Johnson later of The Chairmen of the Board] who's hits are still beach music giants today! Next there's the beautiful and soulful Barbara Stant whose hits are some of today's biggest Northern soul's classics Then there's little Ida; Ida Sands who was dubbed Shiptown's Dianna Ross unquestionably one of the most talented singers in the country and also the other half of the Soul Duo along with Joe Webster who's song "Sad Xmas" has been a major hit until this very day.

Shiptown Records was one of very few black record companies in the 60'sand 70's to be booked in white clubs and on all white concerts, which was the start of what is called East Coast Beach Music today! Noah "Mr.Biggs" Biggs worked out a relationship between "Nimrods" his very own booking agency and Levin-Herman a company run by two young white kidsto cross over in the music market which was very successful for them both.

Noah the original "Mr. Biggs" also promoted concerts with performances by not only Shiptown's artist, but along with other major acts such as Al Green, Dianna Ross and the Supremes, The Stylistics, The Delfonics,James Brown, James Cleveland, The Mighty Clouds of Joy and many manyothers including the Isley Brothers who's Mr. Biggs has got to be a result of Noah "Mr.Biggs" Biggs who's trade mark was; sharply dressed,always suit and tie, along with matching brimmed hats! You tell us.

Noah "Mr. Biggs" Biggs passed away in 1978 but his legacy and style lives on today! Now comes "Mr. Biggs II" the second generation. Howard"Mr. Biggs" Biggs the son of the late Noah Biggs brings you all the old and new "Shiptown/HowBig" Soul, Blues Funk and beach music sound that is so NEEDED today! In this day in time of saying anything on a song, we're bringing back good singing and good music for all to listen and to appreciate. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Thank you, "Mr.BIGGS"

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