Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Sorrows were the raunchiest, hard-edged, most agressive band in England in 1965. Their brand of thumping R & B/Blues/Rock at the time was groundbreaking and way ahead of it's time. Their music made The Stones sound like easy listening, which was no mean feat. The musicianship is excellent for the era, the lead guitar breaks by Pip Witcher are lightning fast and raw. The drumming of Bruce Finley is frantic yet still tight. The pounding, booming vocals by Don Maughn literally take your breath away. Formed in 1963, they were from the gloomy industrial city of Coventry, which is close to Birmingham and not all that far from where Ozzy Osbourne grew up, although by their sound, you could easily mistake them for being from NYC or Detroit. 

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